About Christ.

Confused about Christ?

It’s simple, he was judged by God for all humanities wrong doings then later he died physically on the cross.

He was judged spiritually so that you would not be.

The human soul never dies. Ever.

You will die physically by not spiritually.

We are different than the other animals in this one matter. We live forever and that’s a long time.

We are here to solve a court case between God and his most high angel (no longer most high, but he was at this time in eternity past) his name Lucifer. And God loves him and wanted to be fair to him.

So Why did god even let this happen between him and his angels?

Because he didn’t want mindless creatures adoring him. He wanted them to choose to be with him or not. Just like us, (humanity) who came way later simply to solve this court case.

God knows you had no choice in being born So all you have to do now is choose where we going to spend eternity.

God does not care what religion you involved in infact enjoy your traditions. He doesn’t care if you have a religion. That’s not the point. He simply doesn’t care. He only cares “what do you think of Christ” (him) and he’s perfect and you are not so how he fix that? He judged Christ for every crappy wrong doing you have ever done or will do.

This is court case and God is going to win … he promises us that. So which lawyer’s table are you sitting at? The defense or the prosecution

Just simply, in your mind, say “I’m now believing that Christ was judged in my stead, he took my place so that I could spend eternity with God” and in that moment you are perfect again and the Holy Spirit will help me see the truth in all this.

This is why those who don’t believe, think us that do, be crazy …

It’s because none of us could understand this with out the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But it’s that tiny grain of faith by you that is picked up and seals you with God forever.

So anyway, there is nothing more you got to do. God did everything. And that’s Grace.

If I’m wrong we just end up in the grave somewhere. No big. But if I’m right that’s a biggie. Eternity a long time.

I hear if you choose not to believe since it won’t be a perfect environment with Lucifer (he’s not perfect like god) it will be a pretty irritating existence. That’s what I’ve learned, and the holt spirit brought that to my attention thru my studies into the mind of Christ.

FYI this is a God given choice.

No one else’s business but yours.

I probably should not even be making this post. As your believe or business it’s 100% none of my business.

Choose well because this is on you.

FREEDOM is the key. You are off the hook for all the shit storms you have caused in your life … Christ was judged in your stead.

Choose well and then enjoy your traditions or religion or job or play … whatever turns you on. Enjoy!

God gave all of this to you, but Lucifer is running the show here on earth for now, as apart of his court case. So life sucks sometimes. I simply didn’t want my forever to suck too.

I have no doubt in this great matter.

Love is easy guys, it’s God given and it simply means tolerance for EVERYONE to choose their very own path.

Have an awesome day off this Easter Sunday.

Love to all, no matter what team you’re on, and even if you simply think I be crazy.

ArtCave is open Friday thru Sunday 1 to 4 pm. Come make some art !

$20 I guarantee your success. Tons of cool things to choose from.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort trip planning

Bucket list item is happening end o September.

I thought I was going to have to wait the Millennium to get to see this … but it’s happen to us as a humans … if god leaves us here till then.

My personal friend at his hotel room building #37
Ferry to Cozumel 10 minutes from hotel.

Anyone is welcome to go, as long as you know kevin and I are not your entertainment committee.

We do not schedule anything or make any arrangements with or for you.

We wait around for no one.

We eat diner after dark the hit the jacuzzi every night. Your welcome to join us there.

Plus, We will have a Mexico calling plan so you can text and say “where you at right now” and you’ll be welcome to join us.

But this is going to be crazy cool and epic.

$1500 a head (for two per room) 10 night all inclusive including activities, booze, food, room, flight and monkeys. Sept 27

https://www.sandos.com – note to them that Jana lynch sent you.

We will be in the Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Select Club Adults Only Superior room. See map. We wanted to be in jungle near cetones. On adult only pool and jacuzzi. It’s a 5 minute walk to beach.

Photos taking by a friend (JoAnn)who owns a home there and here in ruidodo. They did a staycastion at the hotel we will be staying at. They stayed in build 37. See map.

Southwest Airlines flying into Cancun.

Private Shuttle serving will take you from airport to hotel and this is a trusted friend of my friend JoAnn – tell um Jana lunch sent you.
My Quest Concierge


Come or don’t come … ether way we are going on vacation.

Photo by my friend JoAnn
I choose my room in adult only section in the jungle. Near Cenote. And a 5 minute walk to beach.

About USA Food Supply

My blood sugar is at 92 (which means my cells are acting proper again, allowing insulin back into them, like a youngster who’s never been allowed to eat junk food) my ketones are at 2.3 giving me a Glucose to Ketone index of 2.2. (See chart) disease hates me now, as I’m the deadliest women in the world to those buggers. #KETOMOJO has been my help mate thru it all

I finally got below 150 lbs just today, which puts me in the high end of a normal BMI rate of 24.9. Exciting. 18.5 to 24.9 is my range. I’m in there, finally, just barely.

My waist is still way to big to be considered health as there is to much visceral fat hanging around my organs because I became insulin resistant. At a 33 inch waist, I’m two inch too big for healthy humans at my height.

But in this moment my blood is so powerful – it’s better then medicine – it’s a disease killing machine.

Why I share this?

Because we’ve messed up in this country with our food. And everyone needs to understand this.

The food is making you sick starting at a very young age.

SO Deadly our food is – its slow but sure guaranteeing the healthcare industry will get rich off you.

50% of women my age will get breast cancer. 75% of their daughters will get it. It’s time we stand up and say, enough.

Sugar is your enemy. Fat is your friend.
But we were lied to about that to sell a bunch of shitty processed foods that flies won’t even land on because even they know that it ain’t food.

Sugar sets you up for disease, and we put it in everything.

Gone are the days that an average person eats an equivalent of one packet of sugar a week. Now it’s an entire baggie full a week. It’s killing your brain, it’s making you depressed and sick.

I just wanted to try something different then just marching into old age sick.

If you got a disease that you were not born with … food is your medicine.

AND I REALLY wanna help if your interested.

Jana.Lynch on facebook.


Cuties butterfly to date.

I just painted the curliest little butterfly for Anne Locke’s father Mr. Carlton Cook, who passed on February of 2006. It will be placed in the butterfly tree where all our loved ones are represented.

Anyone can join our tree abd or patio floor.

It’s $10 per fly and all Proceeds go to build the Peace Garden which will include a 7×14 foot patio floor where we will honor your loved ones permanently for $100, a fish pond and gorgeous waterfall.

We have T-Shirts, Cosmetic bags and hand-enhanced canvas prints and again all proceeds go to help build the garden.

Zoom in select you paver to honor your family $100
$15 local $22 shipped tax and shipping costs included.
$25 local includes tax $32 includes shipping and tax.
$32 local includes tax $39 includes shipping and tax.

Buttercup is clearly pregnant

I got to see her in person last night and I think she’s due in like 3 weeks.

In fact, I think she will have her litter Easter Weekend. That means, if she so choices, we will all see them like June 7 (my birthday)

If this plays out, do you know how special this deal is?

This will be our 4th generation of watching the same raccoon family.

Actually it’s 5 Generations, I just didn’t know flowers mother that well. Actually, I didn’t even really know I was looking at the same raccoon every night back then. I was not as observant.

So we start with the First i really recognized and she was Flower, she had Blossom who had Buttercup, Rose and Patunia. (By the way all three were on my porch this week) Rose and Petunia came from far away dens just to commun with Buttercup at my water hole.

They chatted. (Check out the footage earlier in the week). I liked to think that they discussed this issues of raising kits. As I bet they are all carrying and it just So sweet, as I pray for special moments just like this. And God honors my silly little prayers.

Should we go with Easter flower names for Blossom’s litter this time? Like Blue Bonnet or Lily? What other flower names are associated with Easter time?

If this happens and I’m allowed to see? … I will cry.

Happy Monday everyone. After Ellie Figueroa kicks my big ass into shape at the gym I get to make a butterfly for Anne Locke and paint on Susanne Taylor Mathis, ES Wedding Venue sign. Fun!

Make a keepsake egg

THIS WEEKEND. PaintedArtist.com presents THE EGG:

Make a keepsake eggs for Easter. I’ve cleaned out your egg and we have it’s stand too plus paint, varnish and even glitter all ready for you to make yum on an egg.

I guarantee your success. $20 each or two for $30

Come get your art on!

—- Only ONE WEEKEND only —-

Starting Friday March 12 thru Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm

204 Porr Drive Ruidoso

Yard art … who’s in?

Who wants some yard art? I love going into a fantastic world filled with your thoughts and ideas. Message me. Thank you Diane Butcher-Brown for wanting these too. This is for a club here in Ruidoso. It’s going to look amazing on their merchandise that I get to design when they are ready (after stupid Covid is over)

16x16x2 or 12x12x2 inches per paver are available. Price does not include ship and will very expensive as these guys are heavy.

My Raccoon adventure

Loves her our Buttercup.

Buttercup mated we believe feb 2.

She’s been mia for two days other than captured on front camera where a boy was following her back to her den.

I saw her in person tonight.
She’s looking good, guys … seemed calm.

If I’m right. We will have a litter by April 5 which means I get to see them like June 5 if Buttercup wishes.

Ok so please Pray for our girl. She’s got three injuries that she has recovered from.

Two on her left hip she got as a baby when her mother Blossom got killed. One on the other hip. And tonight her tail looks a little ruff.

The wild is so wild here. She’s free, which is more than most humans can say, but she needs our prayers.

Our Buttercup was her mother’s favorite. Her mother hugged her close up under her arm, so unlike Rose her sister, Buttercup is very WILD … she knows me with great caution just like mama taught her.

I wish she could survive to see her grandkids. We’ve come this far, right? … but that’s God’s business … as He knows every raccoon and every hair on your head he has numbered.

I love her. Happy pregnancy girl. Day 2 … 61 more to go.

Make valentine gifts

TODAY! Make art – get happy!

ArtCave open Friday thru Sunday 1 to 4 pm.

Right now we are making Valentine’s gifts for our loves.

$15 or two for $25 when you make it yourself or if you want me to make you one it’s $30 includes tax and shipping or $25 local.

Reserve your seat at my art table by messaging me. Limits 12 students for now because of Covid. So message me.

Interns welcome back! Can’t wait to create stuff with you.

I guarantee your success. 204 Porr Drive, Ruidoso

I guarantee you success