Buttercup … you’re a butterball.

You can torpor (a type of hibernation) right here if you please. But I know you won’t.

Pray that this sweetie survives the winter, and makes a litter for us next spring. (She looks tame in these cute photos, but she is definitely not. She FREE unlike me)

But I’m free in my mind and today, as all days I’ll get to study the mind of Christ, and it is there that I will find peace.

Than after…
I’m so grateful I get to workout with my trainer via zoom. I’m afraid had this not been an option, I would have gotten unmotivated during these strange days of lockdown. Thank you Ellie Figueroa for zooming with me !

Later today yea, I get to look at great art produced by our newest art apprentice Marian Shanks and Dave. I’ll show you what they made. Then I get to paint.

What up with you!? Hard is it may be I’m wish you all A great day.

Buttercup was her mother Blossoms favorite kit. She won my territory for her winter home. I hope she survives to litter in the spring. Ruidoso is wild! There are tons of Raccoon predictors here including bobcats, mountain lions, bear and big ass birds.

Thank you Diane.

I wanna tell you guys how grateful I am to Diane Butcher-Brown.

I got to paint today for her loved ones and that means the world to me. These flies will be included on the butterfly tree in the Peace Garden.

She also bought a ton of Peace Garden T-Shirts and a patio floor paver where she will be a permanent part of the patio design.

And all of these funds, after costs, will go to the construction of the Peace Garden which will include a waterfall, fish pond and our butterfly tree.

I invite you all to come see it, but for now thanks to people like Diane, it is a work in progress!

Want in? Message me.

Honoring loved ones in the Peace Garden
$25 local includes Tax $32 includes shipping and tax
Pick your paver and be a permanent part of the patio floor $108.44
I’m digging painting this design big on the paver.
Diane will be a permanent part of the patio floor
Butterfly tree was our first community art installation.

Mini canvas perfect for holiday gifts.

These are SOLD but I can paint you one like it. If you love it.
These are available.

Who wants a friend gift. I have only three blank mini canvas left for me to design on.

I can make one for a special love one in your life.

And today I’m feeling festive, so I’m creating at a discounted price if you order today. (You don’t have to pay today. You pay only when art is completed and ONLY if you love it)

These are 3 inch MINI canvas on A SUPER cute mini black glittery easel. All hand painted.

Only $15 local or $20 ship plus tax.

These are in progress. They need a bit more love and glitter.
This one is sold but if you love design I can make you one like it.

NEXT LEVEL extra soft T-Shirts

I’ve got extra inventory on both short and long sleeve that are extra extra soft, NEXT LEVEL black T-shirt. XSmall, small, medium, large, Xlarge, and XXLarge

Short sleeve:
$25 local includes tax or $32 includes tax and shipping

Long Sleeve:
$32 local includes tax or $39 includes tax and shipping

Message me if you want one. Comes in really cute packaging and cleaning instructions. Make great holiday gifts.

Peace Garden T-shirts Available.

$25 local includes tax $32 shipped and tax included.
$27 local includes tax $34 shipped and tax included.
$25 local includes tax $32 shipped and tax included.

They are here! Need one? Extra extra soft NEXT LEVEL non-shrink unisex t-shirts.

Most are sold but let me know if you need one Add $2 for xxl or larger. See price in description under each photo.

Thank you Vernon Lytle over at One Brand! Exceptional work.

Proceed after costs go to help build the Peace Garden where we honor our loved ones.

Message me !

$42 local includes tax $49 shipped and tax included.
$3 local includes tax $39 shipped and tax included.

Row 5 in the works

I’m so excited to get to paint for my mother, jay Thomas and jade on row 5. 8 more pavers available on this row.

I Would love to honor your loved ones. Pavers are $108.44 proceeds go to build the Peace Garden where we honor our loved ones on the butterfly tree and this art painted on the patio floor.

I believe the world will come see this one day.

Zoom in. Which paver is yours?

Prints, t-shirts and hand-enhanced canvas prints available. $15 to $65

The original is still available but for a stupid big price. Lol

Zoom in which square is yours?

Be apart of something big!

We are honoring our loved ones in this patio floor design for the Peace Garden. This will be a permanent part of the butterfly tree art installation. It will include a rock bench, a fish pond and a waterfall.

The pavers are one foot square and run $100 plus tax. I mail you a free print with your square circled, hand signed and your words penned on the print.

All prices below include SHIPPING and TAX:

Hand signed Unframed prints $15 local and $18 shipped.

Framed hand signed print $35 local or $40 shipped

Hand enhanced canvas print $55 local and $65 shipped

T-shirts are NEXT LEVEL top quality extra soft non shrink black. (Add $2 for 2XL or larger)

Short sleeved $25 local or $32 shipped

Long sleeved $32 local or $39 shipped.

Want my top quality zippered pull over $92 local or $100 shipped. I love mine!!

Let me hand paint a butterfly for one of your loved ones $10

(Proceeds after costs go to the construction of the Peace Garden where we honor our loved ones)

Zoom in and choose your square
Framed or non-framed prints available
Hand enhanced with paint, glitter and 3D paints. Hand signed.
Zippered top quality pullover. I love mine!!
NEXT LEVEL non shrink extra soft t-shirts long or short sleeves.
Rows 3 and 4 almost complete. Get you paver before they are no more.
Sample of paver with personal message.
I added a real feather to this paver.
Let me honor a loved on in the butterfly tree

I go somewhere else

I really can escape to to other places when I go inside my art. Im thinking about this gal flying a box kite while I sit here drinking my coffee. Oh and look at that women’s view in her A treehouse. Kinda jealous of them right now. They didn’t get the coronie memo.

PEACE in progress. I wonder for whom I’ve created this piece?

Good morning –

I get to pick up t-shirts today oh and I’m in the Art Cave today thru Sunday 1 to 4 pm. Come Play?