Cannonball Jelly Fish -bombing a World War II German freighter ship

I get to teach pro-tip pro-tool art class on cruise ships. But I’m just on an adventure like the rest of you.

Check it:

1941 the sinking of the German freighter “Antilla” in Aruba’s waters near Oranjestad during World War II. The ship was scuttled by its crew to prevent it from falling into Allied hands. The wreck now serves as a popular diving site.

Lubbock Avalanche Journal – circa 1984 – Judy Johnson had the helm in the art department.

This just made my day. Judy Johnson and my cousin Valoree Mclean saved my live. I was born to do art but didn’t know it as school had simply beat that out of me. Valoree brought to me the job that was posted in her department – after much encouragement “you can do this” type of conversation – I timidly went for the interview and to my shock – I got the opportunity to work and learn under Judy’s leadership.

I owe these two souls my start. As it put my life right back on its correct course.

And there I am – the bandana has never left my head. It looked better on my back then. Circa 1984 Lubbock Avalanche Journal)

And my life has been for this purpose to say – “it’s never too late – if you want it – get after it – and never give up!”

Realizing now – that of course, it wasn’t just my career the incredibly talented Judy launched.

Forever grateful.

Read more about Judy. – to follow

Jette Island

I wanted to jump on the ship tomorrow with this little painting complete. But she is miles away, just like the Regal Princess is today.

Its title: Jette’s Isle.

Named after one of my favorite employees at sea – Jerry from India – I thought I heard her say “Jetti is my name” I thought to myself “what a cool name”. Hehe.

She’s a hard working, amazingly fun, and an entertaining gal and I’m giving her the rights to this painting.

Now truth is, that’s not worth the paper it’s written on ….. for now.

Only giving more time will those who remain here will determine it’s true value – and that will be long after the constrains of the planets have lost their power over me.

But until that day …

I get a ton of joy from worlds I create, like right here, on “Jette’s Island”

How delightful.

It’s mikes from complete – I’ll have to finish it on board March 24 thru April 5 – end of season cruise.

Fun on the high seas

Oh no. They put my class in the Princess Patter – a lot of people will line up, but sadly I can only teach 30 folks at a time. However, I noticed they created another art class to catch my over flow. (Note to self: think about how I could teach more folks at once)

I’m Already get to meetsome awesome folks!

A gal spotted me in the casino last night and said “I’m sad i missed your duck give away at the sail away party.”

I said “I have one left would you liked it? It’s a sun and moon design”

She lit up! lifted up her shirt and turned around and on her back where she had a tiny scar from a spin surgery where she placed a tiny tattoo of a sun and moon.

What are the odds on that ever in a billion years happening? Thats a “God is good” moment!

Her tattoo and my duck were like mirror images – even the art was near the same size and color … now that’s amazing!?!

Update: There is more to story – Only 19 showed up to the event. That one was left in my pocket. And she just happened to find me. This is a huge 3500 passager boat. And usually the line is too long. Oh wait. That’s not true I forgot a very important fact – there were 20th in line, now that I think about it, three brothers were in line – number 18, 19 and 20 – one of the boys handed this duck back to me saying that he wanted a duck with a black hat. I said I didn’t have any left for today in black, but he handed it back anyway – Stating He’ll try to find one on one of the other days.

I love that I get to do this!

Jan 16th day 2 of cruise update! he found me and got his black hatted duck.

All now all three brothers have their duck.

Jana’s story inspires folks to never give up

Photo of Jana on the Regal Princess giving away hand painted and jeweled ducks to encourage and bring hope to others.

CLICK TO HEAR: Jana speaks as featured artist at Lost Pine Art Center

Jana was the 2023 4th quarter featured artist at Lost Pine Art Center in Bastrop, Texas. Her solo show titled “Eye to Eye”, painted in the ancient medium of egg tempera are both hyper realistic and animated as she painted a whimsical portrait of herself in each animal’s eye.


Eye to Eye

Be sure to go see my show over at Lost Pines Art Center – Bastrop TX.

I got to be featured artist for months of September and October. What an honor!

I created 9 super realistic animal eyes – with my animated self portraits in each eye.

I’m happy to paint me out and paint you in. Please Go see.

It’s egg tempera and I get to speak on this, a nearly lost medium on Saturday Oct 7 at 6 pm – in fact I’m doing a demo.

Hope to see you there.

Alligator with me motioning to come no closer.

Featured Artist

What and honor and a privilege.

Hear me speak Oct 7 at 6 pm -Lost pines Art Center

WOWZA !!! What an honor. Only 6 artists a year get this distinction. What a privilege to be selected as featured artist.

Please go see my solo show and/or come hear me speak about the near lost medium of egg tempera on Oct. 7 – 6 pm. – Lost Pines Art Center.

This is my self portrait show

Eye to Eye by Jana Lynch –

Kevin Jackson is an exceptional American Poet

Kevin Jackson is an exceptional American Poet and has become a really good friend. He’s my brother from another mother!

He keeps us all safe over at the Lost Pines Art Center shown here with me in front of my bird painting.

I love meeting talented people. If you look folks, you find them everywhere!

Please read his poem titled LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND and go meet him and all the gang over at Lost Pines Art Center doing a great job representing local artists!

It’s Kevin Jackson and he’s a talent!