Jana’s RedRoom is a working art studio and gallery.

Yes, we’ve seen the Mission Statement. Let’s explore this truth:

Janas galley wall 1



“Jana’s RedRoom is a working art studio and gallery. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of art collectors by offering original works at reasonable prices and, in turn, putting meaningful money into the hands of emerging and established local Las Vegas artists”.


This is bold, I have seen the talent at The RedRoom coming from all directions and the acceptance of the public that ventures through those doors. Remarkable how many people come to the RedRoom for the first time, first time ever in the Arts District. On a Wednesday! Think, if all of us just shared with all our friends on facebook a pic of our own piece of art and an event post from the RedRoom wall. The numbers would be staggering.

Janas gallery wall 4Emerging artists are displayed on these walls right along with talented professionals that create art for a living. Seriously, if you came down to visit your piece you can meet up with others that believe in what you believe. I just come in to help make Jana and all of you successful, I get to meet up with an amazing group of talented artists. Listening to what they think and feel about this business, well, it’s inspiring.



Yes, millions have made this their careers. I painted cartoons and gallery cels for decades and made a great living. Some could be part of a larger project and contribute to another star’s vision. Your art could be printed into a design used all over the world. Everybody is a star.

Janas gallery wall 2

The Las Vegas area is so blessed to have Jana’s RedRoom in the iconic Arts Factory. I can tell you that the classes at Jana’s are always special with memories to cherish. Showing World Class Art Wednesday through Sunday every week. We’re getting our brand out there. Make sure to stop by Jana’s RedRoom any time on eBay.




Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Jana’s RedRoom “The Heart Of The Arts District”

Roman Alexei – Premium Wall Artist – November 2015

Roman Alexei, an American artist, was encouraged by his educator parents to follow his creative impulses to explore and develop his love of the arts.

Roman Alexei Wall


Roman possesses a deep-seated desire to find new and innovative ways to create original pieces of art through his application of various mediums. His desire, both to depict the lives of individuals on the fringes of society and situations from his own personal experiences, is now at the core of his artistic style.

You will witness this while observing the gracefulness of his application of materials and color. His work is both organic and energetic, a feast for the eyes. Roman Alexei works tirelessly in his own studio space in the Arts Factory and now is the time to add a beautiful piece to your collection. He is showing a selection of his amazing body of work right here in Jana’s RedRoom in the iconic Arts Factory this November to December. Join me. We bought one of his paintings and it now has a premium space as a focal point in our front room.

Roman Painting at Wildbears








Roman is one of the rising stars of the Las Vegas Arts District. Get to know the art of Roman Alexei this month.

Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Jana’s RedRoom “The Heart Of The Arts District”

Lisa Herr – Premium Wall Artist – November 2015

Lisa Herr is a Premium Wall Artist this November 2015.

Lisa Herr WallLisa has been concentrating on horses in her work and her love of all animals shows through her passion. Lisa incorporates sculptural techniques, glazes and painting to achieve her vision. Impossible to mass produce, each piece is unique, one of kind and completely handcrafted. Her talents have kept her quite busy. Lisa does it all, including promoting her own art. She gets it done and what a role model with a truly creative spirit. We have been graced with a showing at Jana’s RedRoom this November through December and I know you will want to add a piece to your collection. Or maybe, if you are fortunate enough to meet Lisa at the RedRoom, you could commission her to create a custom masterpiece to call your own, or as a Holiday gift for someone very special. You owe it to yourself to take in this body of work.industrial chic








When I first saw Lisa’s art, at the RedRoom, I said to Annie, “This art is on another level, such attention to detail and beauty.” After meeting Lisa and seeing her point of view on living your passion, it reminds me of a quote from Amelia Earhart, “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

lisa herr






Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Jana’s RedRoom “The Heart Of The Arts District”


Thursday’s Class – November 19 Liz Gini

The classes at The RedRoom are really taking off and this class will be exceptional! Liz Gini will be teaching a class on “Pen & Ink Floral Water Color”. The class will be held at Jana’s RedRoom from 5:30 to 8 pm for $45. You will leave with completed art work, yours to keep or gift. You can see Liz Gini’s art at the RedRoom. She creates hardwood cigar boxes with beaded handles, they are beautiful inside and out.

Liz Gini Class










If experiences rule out, these classes at Jana’s are memorable. More on that later in the month. If that’s not enough, Jim Lambell will be here for an Artist Talk Saturday Nov 21st at 7 p.m.




Two classes have already been held this week, and you should have been there. Where? At Jana’s RedRoom of course! You never know who will drop by.  While I was there for a couple of hours this afternoon and nice couple from Florida came in with their kids and a cool guy from California came in to enjoy Jim Lambell’s paintings while carrying a Roman Alexei piece he just bought.




This is my favorite. I love the colors, the randomness in shapes. Jim just gets it.





Big month coming up, December will be outstanding and you can be part of it, just by enjoying yourself at Jana’s RedRoom, “The Heart Of The Arts District”.

Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Featured Artists – Preview Thursday – December 2015

In December at Jana’s RedRoom in the World Famous Arts Factory, we will be Featuring four talented artists.

Michael Volpicelli – Michael calls it “Word Art”. You have to see this, as distance will clarify these images. Michael is a fine painter as well and also teaches drawing classes at The RedRoom.









Laura Zollar – A fine artist choosing everything from realism to abstract. The beautiful patterns, rich textures, use of vibrant colors and detail will stay with you.









Kat Tatz – Kat is a force in the art world, we are honored to show her creations. You will be moved by the fantastic visions that she creates.









Jana Lynch – The RedRoom visionary.  She is so busy dealing with her fellow artist, It’s almost impossible to believe she has time enough to create, yet she never ceases to amaze us with her fun and colorful approach that reflects her warm personality so well. We are expecting a show from Jana that will delight the senses.

Jana's LVAG award winning painting,"Happy"

Jana’s LVAG award winning painting,”Happy”











Be sure to come out in December to see the works of our four featured artists as well as those of our stable of over 200 amazing local artists.  Jana’s RedRoom is must-stop for your Holiday gift shopping.

Chrismas Tree

Happy Holidays from Jana’s RedRoom! RedRoom artists Lisa Herr and Sallie Douglas with Gallery Gal Sissi Grace.


We are having a Christmas ornament paint party at Jana’s RedRoom this Saturday 11-14 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. We have some supplies…feel free to bring more. It’s going to be FUN!!


Jim Lambell Artist Talk Nov 21st

Oh Saturday Nov 21st our oldest artist Jim Lambell (88 years old) will talk about 60 years worth of creating art. Come out am meet Jim and feel free to ask him loads of questions about his creative process. Oh and we are raffling a piece of his work off. Only $5 a ticket or 3 for $10. Drawing will be held December 11th and you do not have to be present to win.

Do not miss this special event for Jim Lambell!

Jim Lambell, showing off the first painting he ever made!

Jim Lambell, showing off the first painting he ever made!

Win "5 Masks" Painting for only a $5 raffle ticket. Drawing Dec. 11

Win “5 Masks” Painting for only a $5 raffle ticket. Drawing Dec. 11

The Dance by Jim Lambell

The Dance by Jim Lambell

Is this Hunting Tiger or is it Hunting Tiger ... funny title by Jim Lambell

Is this “Hunting Tiger” or is it “Hunting Tiger” … funny title by Jim Lambell

A first look st our 2016 Elite Artist Team

Just now, I hand selected 20 local Las Vegas Artists to be apart of Jana’s RedRoom Elite Artist Team.  They each will receive a canvas for Christmas, along with my gratitude for an outstanding year together in 2015.  I asked that they create on the canvas something fabulous for a very special group show … And I know this team or exceptional artists will rise to the challenge. See the results of their creative efforts on Preview Thursday, April Fools Day at 6 p.m.

I crown this team of artists, EXCEPTIONAL, and these few are my 3rd  Jana’s RedRoom Elite Artist Team.  After that, this incredible body of work moves on to be photographed; then into design; then off to manufacturing, where it becomes merchandise exclusively for Jana’s RedRoom online store!

Retailing today for only $325 each for the year 2016 then the price for these originals will go up every year starting at $1200 when they hit our online store … but you will be able to buy the poster for less.

I want to congratulate Alexander P. Huerta and Kim Johnson for being Elite Artists for the second time. Both in 2014 and now in 2016. Way to go you two!!

Announcing the 2016 Jana’s RedRoom Elite Artist Team … I can not wait to see what you create!

Roman Alexei

Seth Hoka Hey Babcock

Carrie Bourdeau

Dray Dizzle

Sallie Douglas

MaryAnn Ferguson

Liz Gini

Lisa Herr

Alexander P. Huerta – Double Star – 2014 and 2016 elite artist

Kim Johnson – Double Star – 2014 and 2016 elite artist

Mandy joy

Jim Lambell

Theresa Lucero

Marian Shambo Rasfeld

Niki Sands

Allison Scholz

Dustin Sherrick

Michael Volpicelli

Annie Wildbear

Bobby J Wysocki

Jim Lambell – Featured Artist – November 2015


For the month of November we are extremely honored to host a solo show in our Grand Room for the body of work of our most senior RedRoom artist, Jim Lambell. As featured artist his show is entitled “A BUCK A SQUARE INCH”.

5 Masks

5 Masks


This original painting by Jim Lambell. Raffle Tickets are $5 each or $10 for 3




Jim Lambell in his 88 years, has been painting steadily since his late 20’s. He has recently been diagnosed as legally blind, but does retain some of his sight and it has not hindered his continued enthusiasm when it comes to putting brush to canvas! In fact, he is so passionate about his painting that he considers it as much a necessity of life as eating and sleeping.

The Dance

The Dance

Crooked House

Crooked House










We at Jana’s RedRoom sincerely hope you will come out this Preview Thursday and First Friday to meet Jim in person and honor his amazing contribution to our Las Vegas art scene!



We take all major credit cards, ship all over the world and offer FREE gift bag and RED tissue paper with every purchase. Open Wednesday-Sunday from 11am-5pm!
See you here!
Roger Wildbear
Assistant Media Director
Jana’s RedRoom

Carrie Bourdeau – Premium Wall Artist – November 2015

Carrie Bourdeau  is a November Premium Wall Artist at Jana’s RedRoom. Her art is a discovery for the senses. “a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, block printing, oil paint, sculpture, re-purposed and recycled elements and metals”. Carrie has proven to be able to express her passion. I fell in love with her piece, “Lend A Hand In A Clutch” this October and added it to my collection.

Lend A Hand In A Clutch

Lend A Hand In A Clutch

She’s been creating and exhibiting her art for quite a while, even internationally. It’s my opinion that she could probably tackle any medium with confidence.  You must seek out this art and be ready to be amazed. When you see her work, you will want to add it to your collection. Join us at Jana’s RedRoom Preview Thursday, First Fridays and throughout November. A must see event.


Available at Jana’s RedRoom


Christopher Wagemann – Premium Wall Artist – November 2015

Chris Wagemann painting live at October South Wing Fifth Friday

Chris Wagemann painting live at October South Wing Fifth Friday

Christopher Robert Wagemann will be showing his art this November, on a Premium Wall at Jana’s RedRoom. He’s always been creative and has had a love of the artistic form since he was a boy growing up in Saint Louis, MO. According to Christopher, his goal in this current endeavor is to create something beautiful and calming, a classical depiction of the sensual female form in a modern format. I couldn’t describe his work any better and I think you’ll agree that he has accomplished this goal when you see his paintings. Christopher’s approach makes you aware that it could be any size, from small sticker to grand wall murals that could create a focal point in any room. He was recently at the October Fifth Friday event doing live painting. He enjoys sharing his passionate interests from wine to art with us all.

masquerade ii nude in blue









Come to Jana’s RedRoom, Preview Thursday, First Fridays and throughout November, you will want to add a piece to your collection. See you there.