Jana’s RedRoom NOW! Episode 2

This is a show about Jana and all her talented artists friends in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Featuring Jim Lambell!

Co-Hosts Marian Rasfeld, David Fay and Annie Wildbear.

Meet some of Jana’s Friends – Christiana Kolle, Kimberly Blake, Michele Hengeveld, Shalla Art, Mannie Rubio, Tiki Cabales, Larauje Sephaedah and Sam Harvey (production assistant)

Side Note: This is a work in progress and is still not where we want it to be, but we are getting there. Please note that this is 100% done by volunteers, who love the arts district and all her talented artists. This is a labor of love.

It is very expensive to do a show like this … so if you own a business near downtown and the Las Vegas Arts district and are interested in becoming a TV commercial sponsor please contact Debbe Sussman at debbesussman@hotmail.com

Special thanks to our very own editor and cameraman Jacky Ramirez And all our crew … you guys are rock stars!

Enjoy!  Jana

Latest Happenings at Jana’s RedRoom

This week it’s Preview Thursday and First Friday already!  We’re open late both nights  (Feb. 2 & 3) till 10pm, with new art to see. If you miss the festivities this week, check out this art all month. Great one of a kind Valentine’s gifts!

And stay tuned for our next episode of “RedRoom NOW!” coming soon to a TV near you!

RedRoom NOW! Watch Episode 1 online!

The first episode of our new show, RedRoom NOW! aired on Saturday at 12noon and on Sunday at 11pm.  Did you catch it on either Prism TV Channel 22, or on Digital Broadcast, on Movies+, channel 47.5?

If you missed it, watch it now online, here’s the link  https://youtu.be/zS4G06jiUeM

We’re excited about being able to share all the creative things happening in our neighborhood in the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District!  Watch our show, and stay tuned for more!

RedRoom NOW! On The Air!

The new year is as busy as ever for Jana’s RedRoom.

We are proud to present RedRoom NOW! our television show that spotlights the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District.

We aired two TV episodes at the end of last year. But we paused to regroup, and rather than using an outside production company, we are now producing the show ourselves, with a talented and dedicated cast and crew. We’re working very hard, on a budget that can generously be described as a shoestring!

The goal of our show is to capture the excitement, the fun, and the heart of the downtown Las Vegas Arts District. We are featuring chats with locals artists, reports from live events, demonstrations of art techniques, fabulous musicians, singers and dancers, and we will show you around the neighborhood where all the fun is happening! Join us as we walk around to galleries, restaurants, bars, shops and events. There’s so much to see and we are excited to bring it to you.

RedRoom NOW! airs on Saturdays at 12 noon, and the episode repeats on Sunday night, at 11pm.  Our first new episode airs Sat. & Sun., Jan. 21 & 22.  Watch us on Century Link Prism TV Channel 22 and also on Free TV — Digital Broadcast, on Movies+, channel 47.5.

After it airs on TV, you can watch our new 30-minute episodes, right here on the Jana’s RedRoom website. We will post that link soon!

Stay tuned! There’s more exciting news coming soon from Jana’s RedRoom!

Ever wonder what an Art Flip is at Jana’s RedRoom?

Footage of the monthly Art Flip at Jana’s RedRoom.

I am so please to announce my new TV production team. New Production Team Has my heart and understands my mission. It is  evident in the segment – I will be announcing the team soon! Jana.

Episode 2 – Jana’s RedRoom LIVE

YEA! Episode 2 has aired! So now I can publish it here for our online viewers.  We love it … It’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting better with every episode!

Would you like to be a part of this exciting, entertaining, and informative TV show about our neighborhood? To become a sponsor, contact Lisa Knight at 702-937-3833. FREE TV commercial production with airtime purchase. Promote your business at reasonable rates!

We’re Painting the Town Red in January!

To celebrate your success Jana’s RedRoom Art Gallery in conjunction with the Las Vegas International Juried Art Competition 2016 presents “Painting the Town Red: Nevada’s Red Brush Award Winners” a special show featuring some of Nevada’s most talented artists.

The Red Brush Award is a distinction awarded to the talented artists selected by the Las Vegas International Juried Art Competition 2016 judges. Artists who were awarded this special recognition will exhibit the artwork that won a Red Brush Award starting on Preview Thursday, January 5th. Red Brush Award winning artwork and prints will be on exhibit and for sale through January 25th.

The artists who will exhibit their artwork during “Painting the Town Red: Nevada’s Red Brush Award Winners” show will be announced prior to the show’s opening on January 5th. Red Brush Award winners not residing in Nevada may exhibit their art at Jana’s RedRoom online gallery.

Jana’s RedRoom Gallery invited emerging and established artists to submit original art and showcase their talents to art lovers from around the world in the Inaugural Las Vegas Juried Art Competition. The competition closed June 30, 2016 with 207 artists entering more than 350 individual pieces of art. Artists from 35 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, and 11 counties, including Armenia, Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Italy, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland entered the competition.

Nine jurors from across the U.S. and Europe judged the artwork submitted in nine categories: ceramics, drawing, glass, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and other art forms.

Everyone is welcome to visit this special exhibit January 5 – 25, 2017 to honor the Red Brush Award winners. Also, join us on the 2nd Friday in January for “Meet the Artists Night” an informal reception for the artists and art lovers.

Congratulations Red Brush Award winners! January is your month at Jana’s RedRoom. 

Painting by  Richard Bistrup 

10 X 10 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. (finished black edges)

Title: Decisions 

 Price: $140.00


RedRoom LIVE Episode 1

I could not be more proud of my team. Be easy on us – it is our first show and we can see that it needs work … but boy, I could not be more proud!


I’m so proud of Paul Vowell of FUn Production … He did it!! Even though we only had 3 commercials about other businesses in my hood in the can and ready to air .. those are the only 3 commercials that were allowed to advertise during my show. Now guys … if you do not get how cool this is message me! It was all about our hood!!! For one hour on TV!!! Want in? Show airs again tonight at 7 pm prism 22 and DTV 47.5 – on and we know will get better at it. So don’t judge … Lol but wow do we have a wonderful workable TV show! RedRoom LIVE.
I want small businesses, family owned businesses, labor of love businesses, businesses that can not open every day, because they have to work other jobs just hoping that one day they can run their business full time … I want independent contractors, non-profit businesses … bands … oh and artist’s in tents at festivals and artist’s that paint on the street near the festival … I want you to be able to afford to be on tv. So FREE TV commercial shot of you with purchase of CHEAP ad space. Here’s the deal let’s chance the content of what people are seeing on TV – I want people talking about YOU and your amazing work in my hood instead of them talking about Chili’s. (FYI I love Chili’s) but have you ever ate at Mingo’s it’s great too and hardly anyone (compared to Chili’s) knows about him. So get on it – I want a show about all my talented friend’s and you want Vegas to know about you. It’s a win. Message me ! RedRoom LIVE airs tonight at 7 pm. Prism 22 DTV 47.5 – See it here every Tuesday!
If you have a business in my neighborhood or the Downtown Las Vegas area I want you apart of my show … so message me at im@janasredroom.com


Jana Lynch Expanding While Shrinking – Stay Tuned?

A remarkable event is happening in the Arts District and you can be a part of the excitement. I’ve been coming to the Southern Nevada Arts District since I found out about it, while on a toy buying outing. I can remember when Annie and I drove here during the summer in our black 95 Buick GS with no air conditioning just to come for First Fridays. At the time we lived in Lake Havasu Heights or Bullhead City, over 5 years. Rubbing ice cubes on ourselves to stay cool. We felt it was worth it, driving through 3 states and when we got here it was so exciting, even when it cost $2 to enter the area. The map keeps changing, but we can remember when it went from Las Vegas Blvd. at 3rd to Commerce across to Main and Hoover then to Casino Center (Art Way).

Jana Lynch, the gallery owner started four years ago with a wall she rented so her friends could display their art with her in the World Famous Arts Factory. Today she occupies the Premier Gallery on the Main Floor. Jana had an idea that would bring traffic to the Arts District and she is putting it into effect as you are reading this post.gallery-views1








A TV Show, showcasing the diverse and exceptional businesses in and around the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. A way that all the galleries, studios and museums could make the world know about the remarkable talent in such a small and easy to navigate community. There is something for everyone here in Las Vegas, Nevada and steady expanding for world entertainment and satisfaction.The community, that encompasses about 30 square miles and is within reach for anyone.










Jana’s RedRoom LIVE is taping right now. The whole Southern Nevada community is involved, every show will show the diversity of the community to keep the world involved in all “the happenings”, meeting the artists of all varieties and entrepreneurs who’s businesses are a must see. Sponsorships and Commercials are planned and we will be taking the show to a national audience – Stay Tuned.gallery-views4






I didn’t forget the art at the RedRoom Gallery, it’s getting really exciting and everyday something is going on, it’s not just Preview Thursday and First Fridays anymore. You’ve got to see what happens next. Hey, check Jana Lynch out! She’s looking lean and is back to studying Karate, she does it all with passion and love for our community.david-fay-art






Jana’s RedRoom accepts major credit cards, ask about our LAYAWAY plan, World Wide Shipping

Ask about Premium & *Deluxe Wall spaces. In fact all the walls are available. Think of Jana’s RedRoom as your information desk. NEW PRICING includes tagging with your contact info so fans of your art can be directed to you. It’s Easy to calculate: For example, a 12″X12″ canvas – add an inch for white space around your piece, so 13″X13″ then multiply for 169 sq. inches, divide by 12 and it comes to $14 for the entire month! How’s that for being able to display in Jana’s RedRoom, World Famous Arts Factory in the Las Vegas Arts District?! Walls are also still available for rent to promote your gallery and artists with your advertisement.

Call for more information to Jana’s RedRoom: (702) 454-3709

*Deluxe Walls – These walls make the whole Arts Factory; a solo show at your own private gallery. All month guests are viewing your art. Even when the galleries are closed, your art is on display in the World Famous Arts Factory.

what-is-art-toysWatch for the segment “What Is Art LV?”

Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Annie Wildbear – Editor and Design

Jana’s RedRoom, The Heart Of The Arts District













October Harvest of Delights – 2016

The last couple months were amazing. To be exposed to the wonders here at The World Famous Arts Factory is truly an honor. As a tourist in 2005, and there after the long distance love affair with this section of Las Vegas history. Jana’s RedRoom is branching out to get the word out about this fabulous community. Be sure to follow Jana on her adventures at Jana’s RedRoom



We just finished up with the International Juried Art Competition and PAWcasso event and do we have anything else to do? We have so many new titles and artists to show you and Jana will be starting her own TV show. You will have to stay tuned for now.




We have some of the contest winners art still in the gallery (you can still see these before they are gone) and this is October so all the galleries in the Arts Factory are starting to get into the Holiday spirit and are festive beyond compare, the whole community is involved. Just check out the art at Jana’s RedRoom this month and you will want to experience all that the Arts District has to offer.



October 2016 – We will be celebrating this month with our Featured Artist, Mandy Joy. This artist always has a way with the medium she is using. The best thing for me to do is let her tell you herself. We are very honored to debut these selections for you at The RedRoom this month:



David Fay – is the remarkable artist that has so much to share. He’s been burning the candle at both ends. It’s not often that one artist has control of so many disciplines. It would be tough to list his many and varied artistic talents. From designing sets, acting, sculpting, painting, creating one of a kind displays, furniture and digital artistry as well, besides just being a great guy.



Deborah Rubin – is a sculptor, painter and pen and ink artist originally from New York State. Deborah devotes all her free time to her art. Beginning as a self-taught artist in two-dimensional mediums, Deborah recently discovered her natural facility for clay and sculpture. She now focuses her work on figurative and portrait sculpture.


sculptor-jeff-davisJeff Davis – has a way with metal that defies description. I’ve heard he just starts right out and creates these masterpieces and they just flow. I believe he could do anything if he put his mind to it. These pieces are large and would make a statement as a focal point in your decor.



Thomadro – Color is the matrix and you will be captivated by the snap to attention you’ll get with these astonishing works. I often wonder what he sees that makes it so he can create a beautiful statement in color like that. What does he see that will keep us afloat in windswept fields below Azure skies?




Laura McEwan-Dase – creates her paintings from photographs
that are taken by her. So she can capture her subjects in their environment and orchestrate that into the likeness. The oil paintings are all done on Masonite.



art-wall-4“elange” Eugene Lang – has a style that requires a wall to get the full effect. As you will see, you will want this whole collection to compliment your environment. I love the way the pieces draw you in. You can’t help but look at the intricacies developed.


This display of talent will be slipping out of The RedRoom this next week and a new crop will be installed. We will be welcoming the new year with much excitement, it feels like something is coming, a force that changes things to the positive. The quality of the art and the staggering beauty will be a pleasure to all. This is your connection to greatness. You feel it when you walk into the doors and through the halls in the Arts District. Every which way you turn is a new experience. You can even meet the artists. You will see them out and about, from Fremont to Sunset, from Mount Charleston to Boulder City and beyond. You gotta love it, come and hang out with us.


megan-gdMegan Glade-Desback – just finished her Christmas Coloring book and they are available at Jana’s RedRoom, here’s a photo of Megan a year younger………She just had her birthday, Happy Birthday Megan

Back in August I said I was excited, but compared to now in October, 2016 it has just been turned up to 11.

Jana’s RedRoom accepts major credit cards, ask about our LAYAWAY plan, World Wide Shipping

Ask Jana about Premium & *Deluxe Wall spaces available Call for more information to Jana’s RedRoom: (702) 454-3709

*Deluxe Walls – These walls make the whole Arts Factory; a solo show at your own private gallery. All month guests are viewing your art. Even when the galleries are closed, your art is on display in the World Famous Arts Factory.

Roger Kai Wildbear – Media Director

Jana’s RedRoom, The Heart Of The Arts District