Meet Anja Whitemyer – welcome to the RedRoom Family.  

Anja Whitemyer Born and raised in Germany, she moved to the United States ( Santa Clarita , California) in October 2001.
Anja grew up with a musical and painting father and a mom working in the fashion industry. Music, art, and fashion those are still things that she finds fascinating and have a huge impact on her today’s life.

In her twenties she traveled with her motorcycle around Europe , especial Spain, France, Italy and England . Seeing different countries , cities and meeting new people influenced her in her profession and taught her to look closely and find beauty in everyday things. 

Growing up with a painting father, Anja grabbed the paintbrush the minute she could walk. She got a scholarship at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) = University of fine Arts in Hamburg, but due to a family tragedy she had to step away from a career at the arts and work in a Cosmetic laser and Surgery Center to support her family. She kept her camera and worked as a documentary photographer for a lot of her europeans artist friends . 

In September 2003 she gave birth to her daughter Marnie, and turned her longtime passion photography back into a family business in California.

In 2014 the Whitemyer family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and she is now a proud member of the Redroom Artist community. 

Showcase your Artwork

Like to display YOUR ARTWORK,
we have Gallery wall space available for the month of June.
Display your artwork in the famous Las Vegas Jana’s Redroom Art Gallery; located in the Artsfactory, the Heart of the 18B Art District.
The gallery is open 7 days the week 11a.m. – 7p.m.
Las Vegas has more then 52 million visitors each year,
over 5000 people come to the monthly Art event 1st Friday.
The Artsfactory offers many events besides 1stFriday, there is always traffic .
Wall rental we have available for June ranging from $50 entrance wall  / $100 inside the Redroom Gallery / $300 main entry wall , located direct across from the Urban Lounge.
Artwork has to be ready to hang by Wednesday May 24.
mention this add and you get a 10% discount .

for approval contact Anja :

Meet James Dingman

James Dingman is a Angel at Jana’s RedRoom.  Which means that you can always see his work here … 7 days a week …  11 am to 7 pm. Because of his generosity, emerging artist can show their art at no cost here at Jana’s RedRoom. 

You will be meeting the rest of our Angels soon. 

We are presently look for very prolific artists, like Janes, to be RedRoom Angels. If your interested in learning about the benefits to both you and the emerging artist, call Jana ASAP 702-454-3709 

Anyway learn more now about Janes and his amazing work! — 

Jana’s RedRoom NOW! Episode 2

This is a show about Jana and all her talented artists friends in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Featuring Jim Lambell!

Co-Hosts Marian Rasfeld, David Fay and Annie Wildbear.

Meet some of Jana’s Friends – Christiana Kolle, Kimberly Blake, Michele Hengeveld, Shalla Art, Mannie Rubio, Tiki Cabales, Larauje Sephaedah and Sam Harvey (production assistant)

Side Note: This is a work in progress and is still not where we want it to be, but we are getting there. Please note that this is 100% done by volunteers, who love the arts district and all her talented artists. This is a labor of love.

It is very expensive to do a show like this … so if you own a business near downtown and the Las Vegas Arts district and are interested in becoming a TV commercial sponsor please contact Debbe Sussman at

Special thanks to our very own editor and cameraman Jacky Ramirez And all our crew … you guys are rock stars!

Enjoy!  Jana

Latest Happenings at Jana’s RedRoom

This week it’s Preview Thursday and First Friday already!  We’re open late both nights  (Feb. 2 & 3) till 10pm, with new art to see. If you miss the festivities this week, check out this art all month. Great one of a kind Valentine’s gifts!

And stay tuned for our next episode of “RedRoom NOW!” coming soon to a TV near you!

RedRoom NOW! Watch Episode 1 online!

The first episode of our new show, RedRoom NOW! aired on Saturday at 12noon and on Sunday at 11pm.  Did you catch it on either Prism TV Channel 22, or on Digital Broadcast, on Movies+, channel 47.5?

If you missed it, watch it now online, here’s the link

We’re excited about being able to share all the creative things happening in our neighborhood in the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District!  Watch our show, and stay tuned for more!

RedRoom NOW! On The Air!

The new year is as busy as ever for Jana’s RedRoom.

We are proud to present RedRoom NOW! our television show that spotlights the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District.

We aired two TV episodes at the end of last year. But we paused to regroup, and rather than using an outside production company, we are now producing the show ourselves, with a talented and dedicated cast and crew. We’re working very hard, on a budget that can generously be described as a shoestring!

The goal of our show is to capture the excitement, the fun, and the heart of the downtown Las Vegas Arts District. We are featuring chats with locals artists, reports from live events, demonstrations of art techniques, fabulous musicians, singers and dancers, and we will show you around the neighborhood where all the fun is happening! Join us as we walk around to galleries, restaurants, bars, shops and events. There’s so much to see and we are excited to bring it to you.

RedRoom NOW! airs on Saturdays at 12 noon, and the episode repeats on Sunday night, at 11pm.  Our first new episode airs Sat. & Sun., Jan. 21 & 22.  Watch us on Century Link Prism TV Channel 22 and also on Free TV — Digital Broadcast, on Movies+, channel 47.5.

After it airs on TV, you can watch our new 30-minute episodes, right here on the Jana’s RedRoom website. We will post that link soon!

Stay tuned! There’s more exciting news coming soon from Jana’s RedRoom!

Ever wonder what an Art Flip is at Jana’s RedRoom?

Footage of the monthly Art Flip at Jana’s RedRoom.

I am so please to announce my new TV production team. New Production Team Has my heart and understands my mission. It is  evident in the segment – I will be announcing the team soon! Jana.

Episode 2 – Jana’s RedRoom LIVE

YEA! Episode 2 has aired! So now I can publish it here for our online viewers.  We love it … It’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting better with every episode!

Would you like to be a part of this exciting, entertaining, and informative TV show about our neighborhood? To become a sponsor, contact Lisa Knight at 702-937-3833. FREE TV commercial production with airtime purchase. Promote your business at reasonable rates!