A Daringly, Disputatious Display!

Fu Manchu, Handlebar, Horseshoe…Variety is versatile as are our souls…

The technical definition of gender roles is cultural and personal. They say gender roles determine how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within the context of society. These gender schemes are deeply embedded cognitive frameworks regarding what defines masculine and feminine….What Steve Anthony’s collection ‘stache is trying to do is break down those chains. To say, that there is no “norm”. Our society is ever evolving. Change, different, unique, uncommon.. all terms that we hope to be accepted as a positive. Come and see this daringly disputatious display for yourself! Premieres this Preview Thursday June 4th at Jana’s RedRoom.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

'stache by Steve Anthony

‘stache by Steve Anthony

Our Beloved Pippi

In life, sometimes you come across certain souls that touch you…

We all have a special spot in our hearts for our “fur family members”. Pippi wasn’t just Kevin and Jana’s little pup. They shared her with the whole 18b community. She was the friendliest face of the RedRoom. It has been a couple weeks since her passing but I’m writing this to show that her soul is one that we will never forget.

I remember the first time I saw that little face. For some reason I took to her more than any other pup I’ve come across. Pippi was Kevin and Jana’s baby, more than just a pet. She meant the WORLD to them. I had the joy of being her designated nanny while Jana was out of town and i considered it a privilege.

Throughout the past weeks I have felt deeply affected by her passing. I could not fathom how Jana was handling it all. Even through this tragedy, Jana was the person who was there for me throughout it all, giving me words of strength.

Jana, Kevin and myself have been so overwhelmed and grateful how this community has shown their support. Yes, this community is about ART…but you all have demonstrated that it is so much more. The Las Vegas Arts distract is about friendships, compassion and connecting to people on a profound level.

Thank you all…from the bottom of our hearts. You have given us the push to keep Jana’s RedRoom thriving through this tough time. We are forever grateful.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director



Sneek Preview of June’s Solo Show “Stache”

Steve Anthony is at it again with next months solo show premiering in June! This is a little sneak peek into his 10 piece controversial series titled ‘Stache. He will be showcasing a variety of elegantly bare women with mustaches all done in oil. This series will bring to light questions regarding gender roles. His attempt is to break down the set of societal norms that dictate what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate or desirable for a person based on their sex. He dives into this topic that is centered around opposing conceptions of femininity and masculinity. In this day and age it is not uncommon to be a masculine woman or a feminine man. Through his paintings he would like to illustrate that it is acceptable to expose your masculine side to the world as a woman. It’s about being proud of who you are and feeling comfortable living your life in whatever fashion that makes you happy. Come and see this stunning show at Jana’s RedRoom this June. It will be premiering Preview Thursday June 4th. Don’t miss this one guys!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Steve Anthony - 'stache

Steve Anthony – ‘stache


Paula Billups small lil yummies are going fast! Stop in now to pick up one of these lovely treats. Her show “Good Enough To Eat” has gone off without a hitch! The buzz of her amazing paintings has been abundant to say the least. Don’t let these little beauties slip between your fingers! Come by anytime Wed-Sun 11am-8pm and pick one out for your collection or as a special gift for loved one!

Paula Billups "cakes"

Paula Billups “cakes”


The Most Delicious Preview Thursday yet!

Jana’s RedRoom is super excited to present our May show, “Good Enough To Eat” by Paula Billups​. Come in this Preview Thursday to see her eleven small works of fruit and candy. Each painting is 6×6 inches and are so beautifully done you have got to see them in person. Her brush strokes and color are being called “eye candy” no pun intended.
This is going to be a show of epic fruit filled proportions to say the least.

Paula Billups "cakes"

Paula Billups “cakes”

We will also be showcasing the 2015 Elite Artists pieces for one more month on our red panels in the Grand Room! Also jointing us in the Grand Room will be the talented Jana Lynch​, Sally Valentine​ and Lisa Fields Clark​! Our two rented walls this month will be styled to perfection by Neil Kesterson​ and Karen Waiksnis DiSorbo​.

We have no shortage of entertainment this Preview Thursday! The insanely talented Jim Mandrake (Las Vegas Accompanist to the Stars) will be performing for us in the style of Jazz, R&B, Classical, Pop and Vocals…WOW!!! You can’t miss this extra special treat! A HUGE thank you to Sallie Douglas​ and her amazing husband Doug Douglas for making this possible.

Jim Mandrake

Jim Mandrake

A little about Doug Douglas: Back in the golden Glitz and Glamour days of Vegas, Doug Douglas was known for his elaborately produced, self-contained, beautifully costumed, and meticulously choreographed lounge acts. His very first lounge show, the Apollos, started out with a garage band…with a 15 year old named Lee Greenwood. As author of “God Bless the USA”, Lee later went on to become Country Music’s Performer of the Year. This amazing performer has sold over 17 million albums to date, and has been told the space program was named after his group when they played an Air Force base in Texas!
Since then, Doug has self-produced 36 more shows in Las Vegas, the Playboy circuit, and the west coast. In Manilla, he was a co-producer of the first live album ever recorded in the Pacific Rim… under the WEA record label…with singing star, Amapola. Currently, Doug is the owner of Gravel Gertie Productions, and is utilizing the talents of various tribute artists and DJs to bring a taste of authentic nostalgia to a new generation of lounge-goers.

So come and get your candy on with us this Preview Thursday on April 30th!…and please don’t eat the art.

Cyn Lemon​
RedRoom Marketing Director

Community, Compassion, and Commissions!

A little about what we do at Jana’s RedRoom:

The RedRoom is where all kinds of walks of life can come together to share in something special. A place where you can truly be yourself, a place where you can find yourself. It’s about shining a light on the local artists of Las Vegas…about feeling that sense of community that can sometimes be muffled by living in a big city. As we always say here at the RedRoom, we treat everyone like family, and we genuinely mean it.

Another really cool thing we offer at Jana’s RedRoom Salon Gallery is your choice of over 200 artists who would be honored to make any special piece of original art just for you. Nothing is better than having a piece of art that is made exactly to your specifications. Stop by today and let one of our talented beloved artists take what’s in your imagination and bring it to life. The saying here at the RedRoom is…”Our artists would love to make it just for you, that way you love it through and through!” Commission pieces are great for a personal gift to accent your home or to give something one of a kind to a loved one. From family portraits, to gorgeous landscapes, our artists can do it all. Just let us know the style you want and we can get it going for you immediately! Come and pick out your favorite artist today!

More Info coming soon about Jana’s RedRoom Main Gallery!

-Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Some of the many Jana's RedRoom crew!

Some of the many Jana’s RedRoom crew!

Good Enough to Eat by Paula Billups – Show Opens April 30

CONTACT: JANA / 702-454-3709 – Curator

 Jana’s RedRoom
107 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite #135
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Allsorts in oil By Paula Billups

“All Sorts” in oil By Paula Billups

IMG_20150409_094523 Blood Orange with SlicePlease don’t eat the art …

I am just so pleased so present our May show, “Good Enough To Eat” by Paula Billups.  You will not believe her brush strokes and command of color. Each painting sizing in at only 6×6 inches, these original oil paintings are so yummy, you might just want to put them in your mouth. ~ JANA, Owner of Jana’s RedRoom










A little background on Paula Billups:

Paula Billups

Paula Billups was trained at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in Connecticut, the Grand Central Academy in New York, and the Transart Institute in Berlin. Her background is grounded in the disciplines of academic painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing, including extensive study of the figure. She has completed residencies in Quedlinburg, Germany and in Siena, Italy. Most recently, Ms. Billups has exhibited in Luxembourg, Berlin, and Quedlinburg. Originally from Texas, she lives and works between the cities of Boston and Berlin.
















(We offer layaway, take all credit cards and ship all over the world. FREE gift bag and red tissue with every purchase)


Paula Billups solo show in May!!!

This is going to be a show of epic fruit filled proportions to say the least. Don’t miss this beautiful solo show for the month of May. Come and get your candy on with us!

In the exhibit “Good Enough to Eat,” Paula indulges her affection for small, sweet things. Candy and oranges appeal to her sense of ephemeral pleasures and are meant for the delight of the viewer. Of course, one can also see in the candies and fruits small relationships and personalities. She works entirely from life and direct observation, using direct painting methods.

∼JANA says “get your taste of these amazing lil yummies”!

A little background on Paula Billups:

She was trained at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in Connecticut, the Grand Central Academy in New York, and the Transart Institute in Berlin. Her background is grounded in the disciplines of academic painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing, including extensive study of the figure. She has completed residencies in Quedlinburg, Germany and in Siena, Italy. Most recently, Ms. Billups has exhibited in Luxembourg, Berlin, and Quedlinburg. Originally from Texas, she lives and works between the cities of Boston and Berlin.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Paula Billups "Good Enough to Eat"

Paula Billups “Good Enough to Eat”

Paula Billups "Good Enough to Eat"

Paula Billups “Good Enough to Eat”

2015 Elite Artist Team’s Work is HERE!

Back in January I hand selected 18 artists to be this years Elite Artist team. With a roster of over 200 local artists it was really challenging to find just 18 to represent my team of amazing artists; and if I might add; it is always so emotional for me, because I love all my artists so deeply. So anyway, I managed to do it, and I handed the 18 selected artists each a 10x10x1 inch blank canvas and said, “Do what you will with it” … and, boy, did they ever deliver! Their artwork is here! And, you will not believe what you will see … It is such a stunning representation of the vast variety of art we represent here at Jana’s RedRoom.

Clarice Tara, 2015 Elite Artist Original Painting titled "Sunyata"

Clarice Tara, 2015 Elite Artist Original Painting titled “Sunyata”

Kimberly Blake, 2015 Elite Artist Original Painting titled "Transcend"

Kimberly Blake, 2015 Elite Artist Original Painting titled “Transcend”

I can not wait for you to see!

Painting by Sally Valentine, Jana's RedRoom FIRST Resident Artist!

Painting by Sally Valentine, Jana’s RedRoom FIRST Resident Artist!

Also, I am excited to announce I have my first Resident Artist! Just so you know what that means … a resident artist here at Jana’s RedRoom, is an artist who is ready to turn their entire body of work over to the RedRoom Team to manage. I am happy to announce that Sally Valentine is our very first. I am so excited, because her work will knock your socks off! It is as I like to say … oh so yummy! As a resident artist she will get her own RedRoom online store and her work goes into product development with our team of designers. More to come on this soon.

Did you know that Preview Thursday is (today) April 2!

I have dropped into our space, the most gorgeous baby grand keyboard, and my brother WYLEY has come in all the way from Southaven MS, just to play exclusively for RedRoom artists and fans! You do not wanna miss this evening of toasts and cheers as we celebrate the NEW Happiest Place On Earth – Jana’s RedRoom!

~Jana Lynch, Owner of Jana’s RedRoom

P.S. A note about our hours: We strive to be open everyday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. but sometimes things come up in the schedules of our Gallery Guys and Gals, who volunteer to be here. Please be patient as will build up a larger  roster of people so that we are sure to always be here. FYI my schedule never varies … it is Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11 to 4 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Except on Preview Thursday then I am here from 4 p.m. until the party ends!

Amazing News for Jana’s RedRoom!!

Jana’s Brother WYLEY will be playing his Electric Baby Grand Keyboard LIVE here at Jana’s RedRoom this Preview Thursday, April 2nd and First Friday, April 3rd…Also we will be LIVE broadcasting his performances at http:/www.new.livestream.com/janasredroom
About Wyley
Inspired by artists like Gino Vanelli, Yanni and John Tesh, composer Wyley Lynch uses jazz and soul to create the tender and emotionally soulful album, My Alone.

Wyley Lynch is a continuing and enduring composer. Playing the piano for over forty-five years, his rhythmic and harmonious gift to music began as a young child from the influence of his father and uncle.

Although classically trained for ten years, his work far exceeds the classical genre. The instrumental passion felt by listeners can best be described as coffee house music with a strong jazz influence. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Gino Vanelli, Yanni, and John Tesh plus two years as a resident on Memphis’ famous Beal Street leads to an emotionally soulful and tender album with superior melodies.

His soothing yet refreshing music can be found playing in the stores of Hobby Lobby throughout the country. Wyley currently lives in Las Vegas where he continues to develop his unique and multifaceted musical style.

We will also be Premiering The 2015 Elite Artists show on Preview Thursday and First Friday! 18 truly talented Jana’s RedRoom Artists were chosen. We are beyond excited to see what they come up with!…Don’t miss out on these two amazing nights of music, art and FUN!

Jana’s RedRoom Preview Thursday Soft Opening Is Right Around The Corner!!!

I don’t know how many times we can say that we are so abundantly blessed and excited about the changes with Jana’s RedRoom. This Preview Thursday will be the soft opening of our NEW gorgeous gallery. The new space will have two spacious rooms that we are calling RedRoom Grand and RedRoom of Mini Yummies.

We are happy to announce that the featured artists for the month of March in the Grand room will be…

-2014 Elite Artists, 3 BAAD Sheep

-2015 Elite Artist, Jennifer Barreras

-Future Elite Artist, Dustin Sherrick

-2015 Elite Artist, Mannie Rubio

-2015 Elite Artist, Omayra Amador

In Jana’s RedRoom of Mini Yummies the immensely, talented featured artists will be…

-Steve Anthony -Amanda Nikki -Lisa Fields Clark -Lynne Adamson Adrian -Lisa Fields -Adrienne Motley/Alexander Sky -Kimberly Blake -Clarice Tara -Roy Thomas -Maria VanderMolen -Kim Johnson -Cristina Paulos -Cindy Berry Sullivan -Alexander P. Huerta -Emma Toledo -Sally Valentine -Annie Wildbear -Bobby Wysocki -Rainer RB Bertrams -Yobi -Ana Jimenez -Jan Harris Arduini

With all fresh art, this is going to be a show you DO NOT want to miss. Celebrate in this momentous occasion with us. We will be revealing The New Happiest Place On Earth for everyone to see this Preview Thursday March 5th at 4pm! Experience this magical night with our talented artists and the lady herself, Jana Lynch!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

The Art of Jana's RedRoom

The Art of Jana’s RedRoom