Smorgasbord of Stunning Art this Preview Thursday!

Preview Thursday is here!! Celebrate the next two days with us at Jana’s RedRoom. Let me just give a huge thank you once again to all of our unbelievable artists. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Each and everyone of you are such a blessing in our lives. I can try to verbalize how much it means to us but that won’t do it justice….there are no words, truly.

We are very excited to have such a variety of amazing talents to be our featured artists in the Grand Room for the month of July. Kathy Morton Stanion, Lisa Fields Clark, Omayra Amador, Izaac Baron Zevalking and our very own Jana Lynch have graced us with their alluring artwork in our main gallery. I’ve seen the show and WOW!!…what a smorgasbord of gorgeous art this month!

…And remember, the RedRoom is where all kinds of walks of life can come together to share in something special. A place where you can truly be yourself, a place where you can find yourself. It’s about shining a light on the local artists of Las Vegas. So get your butts down here this Preview Thursday and First Friday to see this creativity unfold right in front of our eyes, LIVE at the RedRoom.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Jana's RedRoom - Photo Edit by Cyn Lemon

Jana’s RedRoom – Photo Edit by Cyn Lemon

Loads of Variety in the Works at the RedRoom!

So much has been happening at Jana’s RedRoom in recent weeks. The Artists Camping Retreat was a little slice of heaven. We were in no shortage of smores this time, wish was a blessing once the sun went down and the fires started roaring. Between being serenaded by the lovely Clarice and being dazzled by the talented Kim Blake with her insane hula hoop show, we all felt spoiled to say the least. We of course need to give a HUMONGOUS thanks to Jana Lynch and Kevin Stepp for making all of this possible. We will be showcasing all works of art made from the camping retreat in August here at Jana’s RedRoom!

Artists Camping Retreat 2015

Artists Camping Retreat 2015

In other exciting and adorable news we are thrilled to finally welcome Sissy Grace to the RedRoom. Jana and Kevin have their hands full with this precious and rambunctious new lil pup! She has been welcomed with open arms already. We are lucky to have her be a part of our lives here in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts Distract….and she sure is blessed to have such compassionate and caring parents as Jana and Kevin.

Sissy Grace and Ariel

Sissy Grace and Ariel

The news doesn’t stop there! We will be holding our first ever artists run workshop here at the RedRoom. Omayra Amador will be teaching a fun and informative wheat pasting workshop! We have two classes to choose from…Monday, July 6th or Monday, July 13th 6-8 pm. This is a great opportunity to learn the art of Wheat Paste from Omayra herself for only $30! What an amazing deal for a 2 hour class that includes the materials!

Omayra Amador's wheat paste of Pippi

Omayra Amador’s wheat paste of Pippi

We are also very excited to have such a variety of amazing talents to be our featured artists in the Grand Room for the month of July. Kathy Morton Stanion, Lisa Fields Clark, Omayra Amador, Izaac Baron Zevalking and our very own Jana Lynch will be gracing us with their alluring artwork in our main gallery. I for one can’t wait to see what they bring in for July’s show!

Sometimes I step back and wonder how I got so lucky to be a part of such a magical place. Stop in anytime to join in on this guys! ….And don’t miss this upcoming Preview Thursday/First Friday July 2nd and 3rd!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Mural Program is off to an AMAZING start!!!

Two beautiful and talented ladies were chosen to be the first ever RedRoom artists in our Mural Program…and boy have these two hit it out of the park!!! We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Jennifer Barreras and Mackenzie Lunger for giving us a piece of you. There are no words…simply stunning! Come down anytime to see these riveting pieces. They’re located on our outside walls off of Charleston Blvd!

For Jennifer Barreras, her mural “The Living Rock” was an image that came to her in the form of a dream. When complete, her mural will accurately depict 4,700 foster children living here in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is her way of creating awareness and most importantly making their voices heard. Through Jennifer’s mural, she is creating an image that will help others understand the burden they carry and to visually grasp the magnitude of this issue. She is in the process of creating The Living Rock Foundation. It will be a website that links all of the foster care agencies and orphanages here in Las Vegas so that individuals can make donations or volunteer their services. After Jennifer is done with her mural she has plans to do another where she’s from, New Mexico. But it doesn’t stop there…the vision is to create awareness in every state and then every country. Jennifer hopes for this to be her lifes work…….This girl never ceases to take my breath away!

Jennifer Barreras - The Living Rock

Jennifer Barreras – The Living Rock

For Mackenzie Lunger’s mural “99 Red Balloons” her goal was to do something fun. As an artist she enjoys painting stylized portraits with accentuated features. The idea of entanglement is consistent in almost all of her work. The girl in the mural has tangled herself up in the 99 red balloons. In her mouth she holds a red paintbrush as if she was the one to paint them in there, but also a needle in cause of a need for escape. Almost every time Mackenzie shows the mural she gets asked “is that you?” She’s says its a part of her, so in a way we are the same. The idea came to Mackenzie while listening to the song “99 problems”… in the mural the female has created her problems but is also capable of destroying them…..What a lively and witty concept, a gorgeous and relatable piece!

Mackenzie Lunger - 99 Red Balloons

Mackenzie Lunger – 99 Red Balloons

Under The Sea!

Jana’s RedRoom held its first ever event this past Sunday! Sweet miss Zoe turned 4 and had a fabulous Under the Sea party! Eddie and Nicolle did a beautiful job of making the RedRoom a magical under the sea wonderland. Thank you so much to all of the artists that contributed sea art for the party and for making Zoe’s day that much more special! The Bloody Mary bar, mermaid cake, delicious horderves, real life mermaid, bubbles, decorations and happy kids made for a great first here at the RedRoom! Zoe’s parents really know how to throw a SPECTACULAR birthday party!

It is a privilege to open up the gallery for events and get to extend this room to the community. Event pricing starts as low as $300, call for booking and prices!

Everything’s better down where it’s wetter!

–Ariel Dykes, RedRoom Intern

Omayra Amador Wheat Paste Workshop


Attention street art enthusiasts, we are offering our FIRST EVER class here at Jana’s RedRoom in the exciting art of Wheat Paste! Have you ever walked down the streets of Las Vegas, stopped in your tracks at a powerful image pasted onto a building, and wondered how it’s done? Well this class is perfect for you.

Omayra Amador, creator of the infamous Milk the Bunny, is holding a Wheat Paste workshop on Monday, JULY 6th or Monday, JULY 13th 6-8 pm. This is a great opportunity to learn the art of Wheat Paste from Omayra herself for only $30! This is such a sweet deal for a 2 hour class that includes the materials. Wheat Paste is a fun and exciting form of street art and this workshop is something you don’t wanna miss out on!

If you would like to check out Omayra’s work to get an idea of what wheat paste entails, go to

To sign up for the workshop contact:
Jana Lynch: 702-454-3709
Cyn Lemon:

Hope to see you there!
Ariel Dykes, Gallery Gal

The Time Is Here!..Come Celebrate With Us!

It’s here! It’s here!..Preview Thursday and First Friday are only days away!

We have caricatures, mustaches, tons of bright colors and of course a plethora of local artists showcasing their beautiful works of art. It doesn’t get any better than this guys. Everyone has gone above and beyond this month. The show is set and MY will take your breath away! In the grand room we have the lovely and extremely talented Mandy Joy on our drop wires. Kathy Morton station has graced us with her stunning art on our red panels. And of course we have the always riveting Steve Anthony’s solo show ‘stache on our main wall….But the art doesn’t stop there. Our salon room is dazzling with art from head to toe!

Come and pick out your favorite piece and spend your Thursday and Friday with us. We dance, we drink, we even have the occasional musician pop in to sing us a tune. TOO much fun! It’s more than just a art gallery at Jana’s RedRoom. It’s an experience…a portal into the minds of our local artists. See you guys there!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Steve Anthony 'stache "tom"

Steve Anthony ‘stache “tom”


Mustaches, Music and More ART than ever!…

Celebrate this upcoming Preview Thursday & First Friday with us at Jana’s RedRoom! We are setting the entire gallery with fresh, new art. I have seen some of these beautiful pieces for myself and OH MY GOSH…it will blow your socks off guys!

We also need to mention our two talented ladies that we have selected for our first ever mural program…Jennifer Barreras and Mackenzie Lunger! WOW!!! Both murals are breathtaking, and are still works in progress, but be sure to check those out this Preview Thursday & First Friday. They are located on our two outside walls off of Charleston.

Also, our lovely Amanda Nikki will be doing her mind-blowing caricatures…so fast, so accurate, so FUN!!! Perfect for gifts or to display in your own home. I have mine framed on my wall and I LOVE it!

The main event in our Grand Room will be Steve Anthony’s intriguing solo show titled ‘stache. He brings femininity and masculinity together beautifully while touching on a meaningful topic. Steve will be showcasing 10 mustached ladies all done in oil. They are colorful and riveting to say the least!

Stop on in and dance with us and your favorite piece of art this upcoming Preview Thursday & First Friday June 4th & 5th! It’s a two night event you DON’T want to miss!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

top left-Jennifer Barreras, top right-Mackenzie Lungar, bottom left-Amanda Nikki, bottom right-Steve Anthony

top left-Jennifer Barreras, top right-Mackenzie Lungar, bottom left-Amanda Nikki, bottom right-Steve Anthony

A Daringly, Disputatious Display!

Fu Manchu, Handlebar, Horseshoe…Variety is versatile as are our souls…

The technical definition of gender roles is cultural and personal. They say gender roles determine how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within the context of society. These gender schemes are deeply embedded cognitive frameworks regarding what defines masculine and feminine….What Steve Anthony’s collection ‘stache is trying to do is break down those chains. To say, that there is no “norm”. Our society is ever evolving. Change, different, unique, uncommon.. all terms that we hope to be accepted as a positive. Come and see this daringly disputatious display for yourself! Premieres this Preview Thursday June 4th at Jana’s RedRoom.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

'stache by Steve Anthony

‘stache by Steve Anthony

Our Beloved Pippi

In life, sometimes you come across certain souls that touch you…

We all have a special spot in our hearts for our “fur family members”. Pippi wasn’t just Kevin and Jana’s little pup. They shared her with the whole 18b community. She was the friendliest face of the RedRoom. It has been a couple weeks since her passing but I’m writing this to show that her soul is one that we will never forget.

I remember the first time I saw that little face. For some reason I took to her more than any other pup I’ve come across. Pippi was Kevin and Jana’s baby, more than just a pet. She meant the WORLD to them. I had the joy of being her designated nanny while Jana was out of town and i considered it a privilege.

Throughout the past weeks I have felt deeply affected by her passing. I could not fathom how Jana was handling it all. Even through this tragedy, Jana was the person who was there for me throughout it all, giving me words of strength.

Jana, Kevin and myself have been so overwhelmed and grateful how this community has shown their support. Yes, this community is about ART…but you all have demonstrated that it is so much more. The Las Vegas Arts distract is about friendships, compassion and connecting to people on a profound level.

Thank you all…from the bottom of our hearts. You have given us the push to keep Jana’s RedRoom thriving through this tough time. We are forever grateful.

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director



Sneek Preview of June’s Solo Show “Stache”

Steve Anthony is at it again with next months solo show premiering in June! This is a little sneak peek into his 10 piece controversial series titled ‘Stache. He will be showcasing a variety of elegantly bare women with mustaches all done in oil. This series will bring to light questions regarding gender roles. His attempt is to break down the set of societal norms that dictate what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate or desirable for a person based on their sex. He dives into this topic that is centered around opposing conceptions of femininity and masculinity. In this day and age it is not uncommon to be a masculine woman or a feminine man. Through his paintings he would like to illustrate that it is acceptable to expose your masculine side to the world as a woman. It’s about being proud of who you are and feeling comfortable living your life in whatever fashion that makes you happy. Come and see this stunning show at Jana’s RedRoom this June. It will be premiering Preview Thursday June 4th. Don’t miss this one guys!

Cyn Lemon, RedRoom Marketing Director

Steve Anthony - 'stache

Steve Anthony – ‘stache


Paula Billups small lil yummies are going fast! Stop in now to pick up one of these lovely treats. Her show “Good Enough To Eat” has gone off without a hitch! The buzz of her amazing paintings has been abundant to say the least. Don’t let these little beauties slip between your fingers! Come by anytime Wed-Sun 11am-8pm and pick one out for your collection or as a special gift for loved one!

Paula Billups "cakes"

Paula Billups “cakes”